1. Clemmons, Samuel C. BSN, RN

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As a hospital diversity coordinator, I work to build interest in health care careers among people of all ages. Fewer than 6% of RNs in the United States are male. The main reason for this is that men don't imagine themselves as nurses because they think it's not manly. When I hear this, I explain that most male nurses are guys just like me. I also explain that there are homosexuals in nursing, as in all career fields. But so what? The profession is about who you are, not what you are. It's what's in our hearts and minds that's important. Our task is patient care. By hurting or excluding others, we are also hurting and belittling ourselves. Nurses treat all kinds of people, so shouldn't all kinds of people be nurses? This can only benefit us.


Samuel C. Clemmons, BSN, RN


Lenoir, NC