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Barriers in the Patient Discharge Process, Dedicated Education Units, Discharge Teaching, Discharge Teaching Recommendations, Nursing Student, Patient Education, Preparation, Simulation, Teach-Back Method



  1. Chidume, Tiffani
  2. Pass-Ivy, Sherry


AIM: The aim of this article was to assess how and to what degree nursing students are prepared for patient discharge teaching (DT).


BACKGROUND: The process of discharging patients has become more complex. Despite the expectation that nursing students will be competent in providing effective DT upon graduation, the preparation of new graduates is a problem for hospitals.


METHOD: A review of the literature was conducted.


REVIEW: The review showed that novice nurses enter the workforce unprepared to provide adequate DT due to limited communication and limited time during their education, which led to low confidence and limited knowledge.


CONCLUSION: Methods to overcome current barriers in DT, including simulation practices, the teach-back method, dedicated education units, collaborative efforts, discharge checklists, and health literacy identification, are presented as recommendations for nursing education.