1. Borger, Angela L.

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As we open our 12.2 issues of the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association (JDNA), in many parts of the country, Spring is soon arriving and warmer weather is around the corner for many of us who have spent the last several months enduring the colder temperatures and days with shorter amounts of daylight. Now, I know some of you are champion outdoor-type people who relish the cooler temperatures, enjoying the activities only the winter can bring. Although I enjoy a good snowman-making party, I enjoy the hot chocolate drinking afterward just as much. I like to think of late winter as the time for me to daydream about the preparations occurring around me in the natural world. I am sure any environmentalist will tell you about all the changes that steadfastly, but surely, occur every winter, as the world prepares for the beautiful changes that transpire each spring. I look forward to those changes, because it means I am a little bit closer to gardening season. Truthfully, I would not even call myself an amateur gardener, because in my mind, that somehow implies I am making progress toward being less of an amateur. If we are being honest, I just like playing in the dirt, seeing what options I can come up with each year that will make the outside of my home more of a reflection of myself. If we are being really honest, some of my projects turn out better in my head than when actually executed in real life. That's okay, because I have fun in the process and can always rearrange the flowers, plants, and shrubs until I get it right.

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The JDNA is like this for me, too. As Editor, I am always trying to have the Journal reflect the ideas I think dermatology nurses would like to know about. Luckily for all you, I have significantly more expert assistance in planning and executing the work of the Journal than I do with my gardening projects. And we are having fun in the process, too! One of the exciting new features we are debuting this issue is an article on the topic of skin cancer called "Skin Cancer, Back to Basics: Basal Cell Carcinoma." This article, by the JDNA's Associate Editor Kyleen Davis, has been written in response to reader feedback, which has repeatedly asked for more both information about skin cancer and information surrounding the basic knowledge dermatology nurses should know. It is our intention, over time, to have additional articles addressing other types of skin cancers and considerations for treatments. I invite you as readers to become involved in this project; if you have ideas for articles or topics related to skin cancer identification, management, or treatment, please let us know. It would be even better if one of you would be interested in writing a part of this, hopefully, recurring column. We would love to have your expertise be shown by having an article published in JDNA. I know many of you have considerable knowledge, and I encourage you to share your clinical wisdom with fellow dermatology nurses.


It is with great excitement that I can share with you that two dermatology nurses have recently agreed to serve as an example of dermatology nurses who intend to share their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for dermatology nursing by becoming involved with the JDNA. Scotlyn Yeates, MSN, FNP-BC, from Boston, Massachusetts, and Sylvana Adly Brickley, MSN, FNP-BC, DCNP, from Rochester, New York, have both agreed to serve on the Editorial Board of the JDNA. By joining the Editorial Board, they will have the opportunity to help guide the development of the types of article the JDNA features and help influence the types of offerings available to readers.


When discussing her participation with JDNA, Ms. Yeates states, "I could not be more excited to join the editorial team of the JDNA! I am very thankful and appreciative for the opportunity to contribute to this journal which I respect so much. I have been an active peer reviewer for the Journal and look forward to further participating in this new role. In particular, I am looking forward to supporting how this journal can be applicable across different practice settings for nurses (for example, urgent care, family practice). In addition, my intent is to see that the JDNA supports students and new graduates to become more comfortable with dermatology and less intimidated by this fascinating and broadly applicable specialty." If you would be interested in working with Scotlyn in developing articles that address these issues, please do not hesitate to reach out, and I would be more than glad to introduce the two of you. I am sure she would welcome your ideas and recommendations. Ms. Brickley is also enthusiastic to begin her participation with the Editorial Board. Sylvana states, "I am so excited to join the Editorial Board and I look forward to collaborating with the Board to cultivate and grow the JDNA. Prior to joining the JDNA Editorial Board I completed the two-year Dermatology Fellowship program at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY. Fellowship training was a wonderful gift, and I feel it is my duty to pass my knowledge forward to other nurses and nurse practitioners who are interested in dermatology. The JDNA already serves as an important educational tool for dermatology nurses, and I hope to help the journal expand to continue to be an invaluable educational tool for all dermatology nurses." I celebrate the willingness of these two women to share their dedication to dermatology nursing as exemplified by their participation. Please join me in welcoming both of these exceptional nurses to the Editorial Board.


Would you be interested in joining them in supporting the JDNA? We continue to look for dermatology nurses who are willing to serve as peer reviewers, authors, or Editorial Board members. Please reach out to me if you are interested, and we can continue this conversation further!


As always, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Angela L. Borger


Editor in Chief