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New national RN survey data are released. According to results from the 2018 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses, released in January, there are close to 4 million licensed RNs in the United States, an increase of 29% from the last survey in 2008, and 78.9% of them are working full-time in nursing. Racial and ethnic minority groups are still underrepresented, though the proportion of nurses from minority groups increased to 26.7% from 16.8% in 2008. The proportion of men in nursing increased to 9.6% from 7.1%. The median full-time RN salary is $73,929; however, the gender gap persists, with male nurses earning $79,928 while female nurses earn $71,960. And while there was an increase in the percentage of nurses whose entry-level education was only an associate's degree (48.5% compared with 45.4%), there was also an increase in the percentage reporting an entry-level education of a bachelor's degree or higher (39.2% compared with 34.2% in 2008).