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Advance practice education, cultural competency, gender minority, transgender



  1. Klotzbaugh, Ralph J. PhD (Assistant Professor)


ABSTRACT: Nursing literature has recognized deficits in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer-specific care. Of particular concern is lack of knowledge about gender minorities. Lack of knowledge remains despite this populations' increased health disparities. This pilot study investigates pre- and post-knowledge of medical guidelines, disparities, policies, and attitudes specific to gender minorities among advanced practice nursing students attending a gender minority health module. All participants in this pilot study completed a questionnaire on content and a transphobia scale to evaluate its effect on attitudes. Students were also surveyed on previous experience with gender minority patients. Students indicated sex and gender identity as female, with a mean age of 33.5 years. Twenty-seven percent of the students reported experience with gender minority patients. Wilcoxon signed rank test indicated statistically significant improvement in knowledge and improved scores on transphobia. This study demonstrated a module on the health of gender minorities is an effective method for increasing student knowledge of gender minority health care.