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On May 12, we celebrate International Nurses Day with the theme of "nursing the world to health." This year's Nurses Day isn't only part of the World Health Organization's International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, but it's even more special because it marks the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. The International Council of Nurses set the theme to focus on the "true value of nurses to the people of the world." One of the myriad ways that nurses positively affect health outcomes is through community/public health (see "Nurses on the Frontline: Improving Community Health" on page 22).

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To emphasize the importance of the world's more than 19 million nurses and midwives, it seems fitting to share the following poem sent to us by Hanna Strydom, a nurse educator in South Africa. Thank you all for the amazing work you do every day from the editorial staff of Nursing made Incredibly Easy!


Will I make the choice again?

By Hanna Strydom, RN, CNE, CNM


After so many years of getting up early


Getting dressed when it's still dark and everyone else is asleep


Food being put into my lunchbox without thought


Will I make the choice again?


My fellow nurses, when I see you


Your faces tired from lack of proper rest


I want to touch you, to show you


I see you and I care


Will I make the choice again?


The new nursing students


Bright-eyed and full of expectations


Do you really know what's coming?


Will I make the choice again?


In a day, time just disappears


A patient unexpectedly passes on


When it feels like I'm losing control


Will I make the choice again?


An older person with eyes full of hope


A baby's crying, eating into my soul


They depend on us without real choice


A challenge to address if they can't voice their need


Will I make the choice again?


Why do I doubt myself?


Of course, I'll make the same choice again


To be a nurse and a midwife


This is who I am!