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COVID-19 has brought to the fore health challenges that demand a concerted response globally, nationally, and locally.

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In the U.S., the COVID-19 public health emergency has required health care providers-large and small, across all care settings and specialties-to come together and unite around the critical needs to care for those affected by COVID-19, to "flatten the curve" of the virus spread, and to minimize the disruption to care for patients with chronic and acute conditions, including cancer. For programs and practices caring for patients with cancer-a population that, in general, is at greater risk for worse outcomes from COVID-19-response to COVID-19 has required rapid adaptation, innovation, enhanced communication, and collaboration.


The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) membership represents members of the multidisciplinary team delivering cancer care in all settings-from small private practices and clinics, to large academic centers and tertiary care facilities. ACCC is a community of health care professionals dedicated to ensuring patient access to quality care close to home. As such, ACCC members are accustomed to sharing knowledge, information, and resources across the community through webinars, podcasts, online education resources and effective practices materials, and the ACCC online member forum, ACCCExchange.


As the COVID-19 outbreak began to accelerate in the U.S., ACCC members have connected through ACCCExchange-asking questions, sharing resources and experiences, and offering support in sustaining quality cancer care delivery during this transformative health crisis.


Member programs in areas hardest hit have posted their in-the-trenches advice to those just beginning to feel the impact of COVID-19. Posts from Atlanta to northern California, from New Jersey to Oregon, from Houston to Pennsylvania have responded to queries such as: COVID 19 - What is Your Practice Doing? Are you rescheduling patients? What are you doing to implement telemedicine? Discussions continue on the "how to's" for operationalizing virtual cancer conferences, curbside screening, managing workflow in the midst of COVID-19, the financial advocate's role in helping patients cope with the impact of economic and coverage changes related to COVID-19, providing psychosocial support in a time of social distancing, and more.


In response to the ongoing and emerging challenges posed by the COVID-19 emergency, ACCC offers support to the oncology community through:


* Curated online COVID-19 resources organized by professional society, government agency, patient advocacy organization, and relevant journal articles, available at


* Webcast series on pressing topics for oncology, including:


* What Is It Like To Practice in Hard Hit Areas? with Jennie R. Crews, MD, MMM, FACP, Medical Director, Research Integration, Affiliate Network, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance


* Clinical Trials in the Time of COVID-19 with ACCC President Randall A. Oyer, MD, Medical Director, Oncology Program, Penn Medicine Lancaster Health


* How to Start Telehealth from Scratch


* Securing and Managing PPE


* Economic & Coverage Impact of COVID-19: How to Help Your Patients



Learn more and register at


* CANCER BUZZ mini-podcasts. These 5-minute short-takes offer actionable information for time-pressed providers with additional resources available at



In the months to come, ACCC will continue to support and connect oncology stakeholders locally, at the state level, and nationally. Together we are stronger.


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