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  1. Tancredi, Tyler S. MD
  2. Kissane, Jennifer L. MD
  3. Lynch, Frank C. MD, FSIR
  4. Li, Menghan PhD, MS
  5. Kong, Lan PhD, MS
  6. Waybill, Peter N. MD, FSIR


This study compared the 30-day infection risk of chest ports accessed on the same day as placement and chest ports with delayed initial access. The aim was to evaluate a larger data set that provided evidence for the development of port access guidelines. A retrospective chart review of 3322 chest port placement procedures performed between October 15, 2003, and June 10, 2015, was conducted at the interventional radiology department of a single institution. Procedure notes and health records were reviewed to determine time of initial port access, evidence of infection within a 30-day window of port placement, and causal organism(s) of infection. The results demonstrated that 64 ports (1.93%) met infection criteria within 30 days of placement, including 30 of the 945 ports immediately accessed and 34 of the 2377 ports not immediately accessed (3.17% vs 1.43%; P < .005). Dual lumen devices had a statistically significant higher rate of infection compared with single lumen devices (P = .006). This study concluded that there is a statistically significant higher rate of infection if a port is accessed immediately versus when access is deferred to later than 24 hours after placement.