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  1. Kristensen, Ingrid Villadsen MScN
  2. Henriksen, Jette PhD, MScN
  3. Birkelund, Regner PhD, Dr Phil, MScN
  4. Norlyk, Annelise PhD, MScN


A qualitative metasynthesis following Sandelowski and Barroso's method was conducted to explore what characterizes the existential experiences of individuals living with end-stage renal disease. The findings show that patients with end-stage renal disease live with several existential contradictions characterized by the following: perception of the body-oscillating between connection and separation, maintaining life-oscillating between freedom and captivity, uncertainty-oscillating between hope and despair, and enduring technology-oscillating between being perceived as an object and subject. Consequently, living with end-stage renal disease is challenging for patients; hence, the support of nurses is important to alleviate patients' vulnerability.