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  1. Arcega, Jennifer BSN, RN
  2. Autman, Iman BSN, RN
  3. De Guzman, Brian BSN, RN, ACM-RN
  4. Isidienu, Linda BSc (Econ), RN
  5. Olivar, Jemimah BSN, RN
  6. O'Neal, Michele BSN, RN, PHN
  7. Surdilla, Bianca BSN, RN


The art of nursing care is rarely a black or white concept. Within the art of caring for and saving lives, lies many paradoxical concepts, such as nurses' codependent relationship with technology. A literature review was completed with the purpose of answering the question of whether or not technology has decreased the value of humanity in patient care. Robotic care was a concept that was identified in this review, which may devalue the human touch component of nursing care. In addition, the adoption of technological advancements to assess patients and its impact on direct nursing care was another concept explored. The aim of this study is to answer the question that lies in the relationship between nursing care and technological advancements. How can advanced technologies, which have numerous benefits to saving lives, be utilized effectively without compromising the importance of human touch?