1. Peres, Ellen Marcia PhD
  2. Rodrigues, Juliana Cristina RN
  3. Leite, Dayana Carvalho RN
  4. Souza, Luanny Cardoso
  5. Peixoto, Isabela Costa RN
  6. dos Santos, Taina Bastos RN
  7. Thiengo de Andrade, Priscila Cristina da Silva MSc
  8. Gomes, Antonio Marcos Tosoli PhD
  9. da Costa, Carolina Cabral Pereira PhD
  10. dos Santos, Livia Fajin de Mello MSc
  11. Moraes, Advi Catarina Barbachan MSc
  12. de Assis, Gabriela Porto Salles RN
  13. Pires, Bruna Maiara Ferreira Barreto PhD
  14. Gomes, Helena Ferraz PhD


The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge of nursing teams that care for hospitalized adolescents undergoing glucocorticoid infusion and to develop an educational protocol for nursing care during pulse therapy. This descriptive, exploratory study with a qualitative approach was developed in a unit specializing in adolescent health at a university hospital in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The instrument used for data collection was a semistructured interview conducted in a private room on the unit. The main results indicated that nursing knowledge was focused on the need to evaluate hemodynamic parameters, the care required during infusion therapy, and the complications resulting from the treatment. Educational material was developed to support a holistic view of the adolescent undergoing pulse therapy. Based on information received from the nursing team, it was determined that, although the team performed all the technical aspects of the infusion procedure well, their care did not address specific needs of the adolescent patient, guidance on infection prevention, or hemodynamic evaluation. After evaluating the nursing team's experience, knowledge, and perceptions, the researchers were able to develop appropriate protocols to guide care for hospitalized adolescents undergoing glucocorticoid infusion therapy.