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  1. Morrell, Elizabeth DNP, RN, NEA-BC


Short peripheral catheter (SPC) insertion is a common invasive procedure performed in hospitalized patients. Variations in this fundamental nursing skill exist among nurses, with significant impacts on budgets, patient satisfaction, and worker safety[forms light horizontal]key concerns for nurse leaders. A performance improvement project focused on vascular access management was undertaken, with the goal to improve SPC practice and associated outcomes. Assessment of current SPC policies, practices, products, and outcomes identified areas of potential improvement. A performance improvement program was undertaken, and its effects on clinical, safety, and economic outcomes were assessed at 5 hospitals in 1 health care system. Clinical, safety, and economic outcomes improved, as demonstrated by longer average catheter dwell times, increased first-insertion success, improved patient satisfaction, reduced blood exposure, and annual cost savings. A vascular access management program can support leaders in achieving consistent guideline adherent practice among nurses while reducing cost and increasing patient and nurse satisfaction.