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  1. Simmons-Fields, Lisa DNP, MSA, RN, CPHQ, CCM
  2. Burgermeister, Diane PhD, PMHCNS/NP
  3. Svinarich, David PhD
  4. Hanson, Patricia PhD, APRN


OBJECTIVE: This quality improvement initiative sought to develop a proactive integrated system approach to advance care planning (ACP) through leadership and colleague engagement.


BACKGROUND: Nurse leaders have the capacity to influence the professional competencies of care teams in ACP. Nurse leaders were educated on the importance of ACP, national quality metrics, resources for staff education, and ways to integrate ACP into workflows based on a population management model.


METHODS: The project design is a prospective, mixed method design.


RESULTS: Nurse leader participants demonstrated a significant increase in knowledge of the importance of ACP and evidence-based models to increase staff engagement and competency.


CONCLUSIONS: Study supports nurse leader interventions, promoted engagement of proactive ACP to honor patient choice, and aligns with the mission and vision of one of the largest national Catholic healthcare organizations of being a trusted partner for life.