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One of the wonderful ministries that is a part of Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) is the Journal of Christian Nursing (JCN). I like to think of JCN as part of the "showers of blessings" benefits that are within NCF. For those who are not as familiar with the history of the journal, here are some highlights.

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The Journal of Christian Nursing was first published more than 35 years ago. The idea for a Christian nursing journal was initially proposed at an NCF writer's conference in 1972, but was unrealized until 1984 when God moved Ramona Cass to be the first editor, with Judith Shelly following in 1990. The current Editor-in-Chief, Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, has been working with the journal for more than 15 years, along with Senior Associate Editor, Cathy Walker. Kathy and Cathy were a dynamic duo for many years, handling all the work of the journal themselves until the past couple of years.


Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner had a vision to expand the editorial staff to include reviewing/contributing editors and more recently, a Senior Editor position. Now a staff of several people (see the editorial office list in the table of contents), the JCN team includes nurses from all areas of academe and practice. Some have expertise in advanced practice nursing, others in faith community nursing. Some are researchers and Christian university professors. We are blessed to have a journalism major on our team, as well as a nurse who has served on the mission field and teaches English as a second language. This unique editorial team brings a wealth of expertise to the journal and uses their work at JCN to build relationships with authors that encourage the Body of Christ through the written word.


Readers may not be aware that JCN has received several coveted awards through the years. The most recent accolades include two Gold ASHPE (American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors) Awards for best overall use of graphics and best opening page or spread, a Silver Award for best opening page or spread, and a Bronze Award for best feature article ("The Long Journey of Alzheimer's Disease" in October/December 2018). Our journal is recognized as unique among nursing publications for its creativity and visual graphics that use art to enhance the message of our features and columns.


We also have a quarterly Journal Club with free continuing education (CE) credit for NCF members. After each Journal Club, there is a time for prayer with NCF and JCN leaders. The relationship of JCN within NCF is also unique in that both branches come together for shared leadership in the organization.


If you are seeking to begin a relationship with NCF, becoming a reviewer or author for JCN is a great place to start. Our editorial staff mentors authors through the publishing process. Letters to the editor printed in this issue (see Et Alia, pg. 204) suggest that new Christian nurse authors can find a comfortable home within our journal. Also, most of our NCF/JCN staff raise support for their work, so financial gifts are also a way to be involved in this ministry.


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