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allograft, antibiotic, antifungal, Darier disease, plaques, superinfection, wound dressing



  1. D'Acunto, Carmine MD
  2. Orlandi, Catuscia MD
  3. Purpura, Valeria PhD
  4. Melandri, Davide MD


ABSTRACT: Darier disease is an autosomal dominant skin disorder characterized by keratotic papules. After their appearance, these lesions tend to grow over time, producing large and exudative plaques that compromise the general condition of the affected patient's skin. The authors report the clinical case of a patient affected by Darier disease with superinfected de-epithelialized areas over 30% of his body. In addition to antibiotic and antifungal therapy, providers used allograft skin to cover the injured areas and stimulate their progressive re-epithelialization with complete healing after 2 months. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first clinical case of treating Darier disease with allograft skin on an extensively damaged area. The effectiveness of this treatment may lead clinicians to consider allograft skin tissue a new, alternative dressing to treat Darier disease when this pathologic condition manifests with extensive eroded skin.