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Promoting menstrual period equity. Period poverty, or inadequate access to feminine hygiene products due to poverty, may not be frequently discussed, but it affects a significant portion of the U.S. and global female population. According to the Alliance for Period Supplies, one-quarter of all menstruators in the United States had difficulties affording period products in the last year. (Some states continue to tax feminine products as nonessential items.) And, amid financial hardships imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, period poverty has only gotten worse. Grassroots movements like #EndPeriodPoverty, PERIOD, and Period Kits are tackling the issue of access to feminine hygiene products-but government legislation is needed, according to these activist groups. Scotland is close to becoming the first country in the world to make tampons and pads free to anyone who needs them, with legislation in the Scottish Parliament clearing the first of three steps to passage earlier this year. This October 10 in the United States is National Period Day-for information, see