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adults, aging, heart failure, empowerment



  1. Thakur, Ramesh Devi PhD, MSN, RN
  2. Fleury, Julie D. PhD, RN, FAAN
  3. Crawford Shearer, Nelma B. PhD, RN, FAAN
  4. Belyea, Michael PhD


Background: Of almost 5.7 million Americans with heart failure, 80% are 65 years and older. Empowerment approaches facilitating recognition of personal and social contextual resources may improve well-being in this vulnerable population.


Objective: This research evaluated the feasibility of the Health Empowerment Intervention (HEI) in older adults with heart failure, including effects on health empowerment, purposeful participation, self-management, functional health, and well-being.


Methods: Twenty older adults with heart failure were randomly assigned to HEI or Attention Control conditions. The HEI consisted of 6 weekly sessions based on the Health Empowerment Theory. Outcomes were measured at baseline and at 6 weeks.


Results: Feasibility of the HEI was supported; participants realized significant improvement in health empowerment and purposeful participation in goal attainment.




This research supports the feasibility of the HEI and provides a basis for continued evaluation.