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abdominal surgery, debridement, dehiscence, negative-pressure wound therapy, superficial incision, Z-plasty



  1. Cao, Zilong MM
  2. Zhang, Fan PhD
  3. Liu, Xujin MM
  4. Zhang, Min MB
  5. Ma, Yuntao MB


OBJECTIVE: To explore the treatment of superficial incision dehiscence after abdominal surgery by Z-plasty combined with negative-pressure wound therapy.


METHODS: A retrospective study was performed on seven patients with superficial abdominal incision dehiscence from October 2018 to February 2019. All patients were given systemic antibiotics and nutrition support. During the first stage, surgical debridement with negative-pressure wound therapy was performed. Local Z-plasty was performed in the second stage.


RESULTS: The incision healed well in all patients, and no infection or necrosis occurred in the flaps. During the follow-up of 7.3 months (range, 5-10 months), no incision rupture or redehiscence occurred.


CONCLUSIONS: Surgical debridement, negative-pressure wound therapy, and Z-plasty can be used to treat superficial abdominal incision dehiscence and achieve good therapeutic effect and prognosis. Z-plasty can be used as an alternative to direct suture of incisions because of its simplicity and excellent results.