1. Yocom, Danielle DNP, RN, FNP-BC

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To focus on the positive impact of taking care of older adults in the clinical setting, an activity was developed for use in the final clinical postconference of a gerontology clinical practicum during the student's first clinical nursing course. Students in postconference are given a blank sheet of paper and asked to reflect on how caring for older adults will influence their future nursing practice. Students are given the option of writing a narrative statement or drawing a picture, with markers provided by the clinical faculty. An example of a drawing in Supplemental Digital Content,, done by one of the students, shows the student standing next to an older adult, holding hands. Both are smiling, and terms including personable, compassion, helpful, and caring are written in the background. On completion of their creations, students are encouraged to share with others in the clinical group. The sharing of their reflections often facilitates meaningful conversations of the wisdom learned from their patients. During the last semester of their senior year, the statements or drawings are returned to the students, invoking positive memories of their experiences in the gerontology practicum and inspirational messages to take into the beginning of their nursing career.