1. Itotani, Keisuke PT, MSc
  2. Ueda, Yuya PT, MSc
  3. Murata, Shunsuke PT, MSc
  4. Saito, Takashi PT, MSc
  5. Ono, Rei PhD, PT, MPH


Objective: To investigate various factors related to cognitive decline and analyze combination of factors and priority.


Methods and Results: We measured the demographic data, physical, cognitive, and executive functions of 219 older adults who were divided into 2 groups (a no cognitive decline group and a cognitive decline group). We performed classification and regression tree (CART) analysis using the cognitive decline as dependent variables.


Conclusions: By CART, it was revealed that the combination of walking speed less than 1.01 m/s and Trail Making Test part A 107.47 seconds or more is a combination of strongest factors for cognitive decline. The classification accuracy was 92.2% by CART.