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  1. Fraley, Hannah E. PhD, RN, CNE, CPH
  2. Capp, Gordon PhD, LCSW
  3. Aronowitz, Teri PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, FAAN


Youth with disabilities disproportionately experience harsh discipline. Exploring perspectives of behavior and discipline could increase inclusivity, yet school nurses' perspectives are unexplored. Using the Peace and Power Conceptual Model, school nurses' perspectives were explored employing secondary qualitative analysis using Thorne's typology of analytic expansion. Parent study included interviews with school nurses, 24 data files comprised the sample for secondary analysis. Three peace-power versus power-over themes emerged: "having discordant perspectives," "being mislabeled," and "placing at higher risks." School nurses are equipped to build healthy school communities through changes in discipline practices, policies, and understanding of how youth with disabilities are impacted.