1. Porte, Petra J. PhD
  2. Verweij, Lisanne M. PhD
  3. Collares, Carlos Fernando MD, PhD
  4. de Bruijne, Martine C. MD, PhD
  5. van der Vleuten, Cees P.M. PhD
  6. Wagner, Cordula PhD


To decrease infusion pump administration errors, time-consuming training is often initiated. The aims of this study were twofold: to develop minimum competency requirements for programming and operation of infusion pumps and to develop and validate a test for nurses based on those requirements. The test was completed by 226 nurses between May and December 2017. This study demonstrates that testing is a promising method to assess the competency of nurses in using medical devices. Moreover, test acceptability among nurses is high. Using competency requirements to develop a test offers the potential to tailor training needs and reduce training time.