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  1. Zavvos, Athanasios MSc, BSc
  2. Miliotis, Panagiotis MSc, BSc
  3. Stergiopoulos, Dimitris MSc, BSc
  4. Koskolou, Maria PhD
  5. Geladas, Nickos PhD


We studied the effect of a plain espresso coffee (171 +/- 8.9 mg caffeine) which is roughly the amount in a cup of regular coffee or caffeine soda drink on fluid replacement in mildly dehydrated healthy subjects following moderate exercise, which induced dehydration to approximately 1.2% of their body weight. Subjects then rehydrated by drinking either water alone as control or caffeinated beverage plus up to 150% of the body weight they had lost. All subjects underwent both conditions. There were differences between the control and caffeine in urine specific gravity (control: 1.018 +/- 0.00 vs caffeine: 1.024 +/- 0.00, P = .001), urine volume (control: 200 +/- 71 mL vs caffeine: 302 +/- 151 mL, P = .05), and urine color (control: 2 +/- 0.9 and caffeine: 4 +/- 1.66, P = .00). We conclude that intake of an espresso coffee possibly impedes replacement of body fluids.