1. Wizansky, Margot MSW

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Crouch like a cat by the trout brook.


Later, sleep awhile near the fire.


I'll lie down with you. When bearing comes on, send for the neighbor-wives.


Blowing wooden pipes they'll come, their calls keen as the east wind, throaty as owls.


They will hold you up, their arms firm in a quick rhythm. Let us grunt as you push. at your back. We'll all breathe with you


Yell curses on your mother; we won't hear you.


Expel that mottled thing!! I will catch it, wipe it till it pinks. I will be crying.


And then we'll cook. Come to the table.


If the doctor troubles to check, he'll find you


dining among us elegantly


on dandelion greens and rhubarb pie.