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Academic practice partnership, graduate nursing, graduate nursing education, longitudinal clinical experience, nurse practitioner students, preceptor, preceptorship, preceptorships



  1. Davis, Lindsay DNP, APRN-CNP


ABSTRACT: A significant increase in nurse practitioner program enrollment has resulted in a critical need for committed preceptors willing to offer clinical learning opportunities for students. Academic practice partnerships have been proposed as a strategy to address the preceptorship crisis. This project evaluated the impact of a longitudinal immersive clinical experience designed for nurse practitioner students in collaboration with two federally qualified health centers and an underserved clinic within an academic health center. The study used a pre- and postsurvey method to determine the impact of an immersive clinical experience on preceptor perceptions of benefits and rewards, support, and commitment to the role. A statistically significant increase in preceptor perception of support was noted in three areas. Participants reported increased opportunity to share information with other preceptors, improved support from nursing faculty to help identify students' performance problems, and greater clarity in faculty responsibilities related to the preceptor role. Increases in perceptions of benefits and rewards and commitment to the preceptor role did not reach statistical significance. Immersive clinical experiences have the potential to improve the levels of preceptor support, commitment, and perceived opportunities for benefits and rewards, which may facilitate the development of high-quality, sustainable clinical learning opportunities for nurse practitioner students.