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critical care, pressure injury, prevention, medical device-related pressure injury, Saudi Arabia, SKINCARE bundle, wound care



  1. Tayyib, Nahla PhD, RN
  2. Asiri, Mousa Yahya MSN, RN
  3. Danic, Sanja RN
  4. Sahi, Sharmaine L. RN
  5. Lasafin, Joem RN
  6. Generale, Leah Flor RN
  7. Malubay, Ana RN
  8. Viloria, Peter RN
  9. Palmere, Marie Grace RN
  10. Parbo, Angelica Rose RN
  11. Aguilar, Kethleen Eingie RN
  12. Licuanan, Patty Mae RN
  13. Reyes, Marinette RN


OBJECTIVE: To examine the impact of a medical device-related pressure injury (MDRPI) prevention bundle/mnemonic on the incidence of acquired MDRPIs in critically ill patients.


METHODS: This study used a prospective, single-arm, open-label clinical design and was carried out from January to April 2020 in CCUs in a Saudi Arabian tertiary hospital. All participants received the SKINCARE bundle intervention, which is based on the best available evidence for MDRPI prevention in CCUs. The primary outcome was the development of MDRPI.


RESULTS: The MDRPI cumulative incidence was significantly lower after the implementation of the SKINCARE bundle (0.89%, 90% lower than historic incidence).


CONCLUSIONS: The SKINCARE bundle demonstrates significant improvement of skin care through decreased cumulative incidence of acquired MDRPI.