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  1. Trefethen, Emily Prieto MSN, BS, RN, CNL, PHN


Purpose/Objectives: The purpose of this literature review is to examine the potential value for an interprofessional education program to increase novice nurse awareness of case management in heart failure (HF).


Primary Practice Setting: Acute care health care settings involving novice nurses.


Findings/Conclusions: Evidence demonstrates that interprofessional collaboration on transitional care interventions for HF patients reduces 30-day readmissions. Implementation of an interprofessional education program for novice nurses can be an effective intervention to decrease readmissions by increasing knowledge of the nurse case manager role and development of interprofessional relationships.


Implications for Case Management Practice: Increased awareness of HF case management is important for novice nurses. Understanding the nurse case manager role and early interprofessional collaboration can improve patient health outcomes among the HF population. Therefore, an education program to build confidence and strengthen interprofessional partnership in HF case management for the novice nurse is warranted.