1. Seckel, Maureen A. MSN, ADN

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Lung Cancer, Site-Specific Cancer Series


Edited by Nancy G. Houlihan. Pittsburgh, Pa: Oncology Nursing Society Publishing Division, 2004. $35 for ONS member and $49 for nonmembers. ISBN: 1-890504-48-3. 143 pages.


Lung Cancer, the first in a site-specific cancer series published by the Oncology Nursing Society, is a good compilation and addition to a reference library for those interested in pulmonary disease and/or oncology.


In addition, the compact size of this book makes it accessible and portable. The chapters are informative and well referenced as a "how to" and "need to know" for patient care of this challenging disease. As a pulmonary clinical nurse specialist (CNS) not specializing in oncology or surgery, I particularly found the chapters on "Oncologic Urgencies and Emergencies," "Paraneoplastic Syndromes," and "Symptom Management" informative and helpful. I truly appreciate authors that include resources, and this book has 7 pages of contact information in the appendix with Web sites and phone numbers. What a wonderful adjunct to be able to give your clients reliable and current resource information? This book is clearly written by those who have cared for patients with lung cancer, the cancer with the highest mortality rates in the United States.