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Flexi-Seal Fecal Management System (FMS). Now available in the United States, the Flexi-Seal FMS is designed to dramatically improve fecal incontinence management. It is indicated for patients with episodic fecal incontinence with liquid to semiliquid stool. Flexi-Seal FMS contains a soft silicone catheter assembly. The catheter is inserted into the rectum and retained using a low-pressure balloon. Flexi-Seal diverts and contains fecal waste, protecting the patient's skin to prevent the risk of skin breakdown and infection from fecal matter.




SenTech Medical Systems

Repose. This cost-effective and therapeutically advanced pressure-reduction overlay is packaged inside a pump that is used to inflate the mattress and ensure that the correct pressure is achieved each time. The mattress surface is composed of 2 layers, with multidirectional stretchability and vapor permeability to provide optimum comfort and therapeutic results.