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* In her post "The Unsung Heroes of Hospice Are Family Caregivers," nursing professor Mary Stachowiak reflects on the experience of caring for her father at home at the end of his life (


* "People with creative impulses are often as attracted to health science as to paint and canvas," writes nurse and artist Julianna Paradisi in her post "To Be or Not to Be: Choosing Between a Career in Art or Nursing" (


* In her post "Hospital Visiting Policies in the Days of COVID-19," AJN editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy discusses the implications of not allowing family members to visit patients who have the disease (



"Kudos to all the families [of home hospice patients] who are present day in, day out, and provide care in the home-what a demanding, exhausting, and ultimately rewarding gift to your loved one." "We were told to use packing tape to keep our gowns over our gloves because we don't have enough gloves. . . . My face shield is so scratched and cloudy from being washed over and over, I can barely see out of it." "As a nurse, I, too, have cared for several close family members at home at the end of their lives. The weight of that responsibility is overwhelming at times and adds a different element to the grieving process."




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