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Digital stories, Narrative pedagogy, Nursing education



  1. Beck, Melissa Schwartz PhD, RNC-OB, CHSE
  2. Neil, Janice A. PhD, RN, CNE


Many years ago, the National League for Nursing voiced the need to improve nursing education through innovative pedagogies supported by research. Digital stories are one of the newest pedagogical tools using storytelling in the digital world. This descriptive qualitative study reports the benefits, challenges, and solutions of digital story use in nursing education. Twelve nurse educators from Europe and the United States who had published or demonstrated use of digital stories in the classroom were recruited and interviewed. Data analysis revealed themes about the benefits and challenges associated with digital story use. The benefits identified were a greater depth of discussion, making points, engaging students, and promoting reflection and empathy. Development of critical thinking and the use of information technology skills were also identified. Challenges associated with digital stories included finding an appropriate digital story, legal issues involved, and the ability to assess student learning. Time in class to show digital stories and recognition of intended points by students were also uncovered. Solutions to some of these issues are also presented. This study revealed that the new pedagogy of digital stories engages students in the learning process.