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  1. Hayajneh, Audai A. PhD, RN, CPT
  2. Hweidi, Issa M. DNSc, MSN, RN
  3. Abu Dieh, Milian W. MSN, RN


Background: Unsuccessful discharge planning (DP) may lead to undesirable health consequences among patients after discharge from the hospital.


Purpose: The aims of this study were to assess nurses' knowledge, perception, and practice of DP in acute care settings and identify significant predictors for nurses' practice toward DP.


Methods: The study had a descriptive correlational cross-sectional design. Three questionnaires about knowledge, perception, and nurses' activities toward DP were used. Nurses (n = 117) were recruited from 3 Jordanian hospitals.


Results: The level of nurses' knowledge toward DP was very low to low. Slightly more than half (52.1%) of nurses had a negative perception toward DP and about 50% had poor practices related to DP. Nurse-to-patient ratio and perception of nurses were significant predictors for nurses' practice toward DP.


Conclusion: The reinforcement of a positive perception toward DP among nurses working in acute care settings may lead to better health outcomes among patients after discharge from hospital.