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e-learning, nursing students, readiness, satisfaction, Saudi Arabia



  1. Alqahtani, Naji PhD, RN
  2. Innab, Adnan PhD, RN, REM
  3. Bahari, Ghareeb PhD, RN


Background: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, education and learning processes have been shifted to a completely virtual, online format. Students' satisfaction has been linked to better learning outcomes.


Purpose: The purpose was to determine factors associated with students' satisfaction with e-learning among Saudi nursing students.


Methods: A cross-sectional, correlational descriptive study was conducted among 139 nursing students from different nursing programs in Saudi Arabia using a self-reported online survey.


Results: Previous experience with and readiness for e-learning influenced students' overall satisfaction with e-learning and satisfaction with assessment. Only readiness for e-learning was associated with satisfaction with teaching and generic skills and learning experiences.


Conclusions: This study may enhance faculty members' understandings of factors influencing students' satisfaction with e-learning. Therefore, the urgent national distance education plan may need further development to meet students' needs.