1. Raymond, Patricia L. MD, FACP, FACG

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Gastroenterology nurses are losing the passion for the profession. How can we re-engage our colleagues? Join this experienced gastroenterologist as she shares secrets to recruit, retain and reinvigorate your Endoscopy staff. Studies reveal staff "satisfaction" will not keep them in the suite-they must be engaged in the practice of gastroenterology; engaged in the profession of nursing; and engaged in the challenges of being a partner in the operations of your unit.


In this session, learn how to complete a "SWOT" analysis of your unit, recruit from outside your unit and promote from within, retain your experienced older nurses by acknowledging their needs, and develop skills of team building and leading with emotional intelligence. Attendees will also learn how to encourage growth, professional development and certification in a career as a gastroenterology nurse; use volunteerism and publicity to showcase your staff and raise awareness of gastroenterology nursing and gastroenterology disease in the community; use image tools to enhance the status of the nurses in your suite; and seek governance at your facility's endoscopy committee meetings. You need this medicine to cure your unit's retention deficit disorder!!


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We are pleased to present the Abstracts from the SGNA's 32nd Annual Course: Passion for GI Nursing: Pass It On!! The diversity of these topics certainly reflects the richness and breadth of our specialty. In keeping with the tradition of the Annual Course, we hope the following abstracts will encourage discussions for improving nursing practice and patient care outcomes.