1. Block, Velinda J. MSN, RN
  2. Jamerson, Patricia A. PhD, RN

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Determining if you wish to be represented by a union for collective bargaining purposes in a secret ballot election is one of the most important decisions many staff will ever face. We believe strongly that all people should enter this process fully educated so that they can truly make an informed choice.


The approach in our campaign was to provide factual data and encourage staff to explore independent sources of information. Using fear tactics or offering promises to discourage nurses from supporting the union is not only illegal, but runs counter to our high standards of moral and ethical behavior.


Healthcare organizations across the country face many challenges in these rapidly changing times. We must be flexible and adaptable while ensuring that high-quality nursing care is delivered to our patients and families. We believe this can best be accomplished by having a direct partnership with our staff versus a relationship built on rigid rules and provisions.


Velinda J. Block, MSN, RN


Vice President, Patient Care Services


Patricia A. Jamerson, PhD, RN


Nurse Scientist Researcher, St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Louis, MO (