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  1. Victorson, David PhD
  2. Sauer, Christina MS
  3. Horowitz, Bruriah MEd
  4. Wolf-Beadle, Julie BA


OBJECTIVE: To highlight the development, implementation, and initial findings of a brief healthcare professional support program called "GRACE."


BACKGROUND: Healthcare professionals face significant work-related stressors that when left unmanaged can negatively affect their overall well-being and contribute to burnout.


METHODS: Over a 2-year period, the GRACE program was delivered to 8 clinical units at a midsized southwestern hospital. Questionnaires were administered at baseline and 1 month.


RESULTS: Program participants were 36 years old on average, female (81%), and White (68%) and mostly employed as nurses (66%). Attendees reported increased knowledge, understanding, and confidence and found the program to be acceptable. One month after training, participants demonstrated significant improvements in self-compassion. Medical units that received GRACE training saw significantly greater increases in patient satisfaction scores compared with units that did not receive training.


CONCLUSIONS: The GRACE program was feasible and acceptable to deliver, and initial proof-of-concept evidence was supported.