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An over-the-counter scar treatment, Scarguard ScarCare, is being offered by Redrock Laboratories, Great Neck, NY. A recent independent study, published in the November/December 2004 issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, shows that Scarguard ScarCare boosts the production of the enzyme responsible for melting away the excess collagen that causes raised, red scars to form after surgery or an injury.


Application of the product was found to significantly increase procollagenase levels and collagenase activity in a full-thickness epidermal model.


Scarguard ScarCare is a liquid that dries quickly to a nearly invisible protective film. It can be used on old or new scars and is now available without a prescription at drug stores.


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Coloplast Corporation, Atlanta, GA, has released a larger, 9-oz version of the Sween 24 moisturizer, which is indicated for once-a-day use for dry, flaky skin associated with xerosis (dry skin). Risk factors for dry skin include a dry winter climate, aging skin, non-pH-balanced skin cleansers, and other disease states.


Sween 24 also offers Skin The Vital Organ, a skin assessment tool that documents a full skin assessment and helps meet the requirements of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.


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HEALTHPOINT, Ltd, Forth Worth, TX, has introduced Salex Cream (6% salicylic acid), a topical prescription medication for the treatment of hyperkeratotic skin conditions, such as ichthyosis, keratosis pilaris, and psoriasis. The cream helps minimize irritation while hydrating and lubricating the affected areas and loosening dry skin and scales.


In addition, HEALTHPOINT has published an educational booklet for patients with a variety of chronic dry skin conditions. The most common hyperkeratotic skin conditions are described, with tips on how to manage and cope with them.


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AciesHealth, Bellefonte, PA, has acquired the worldwide patent rights for the BreakAway Wound Dressing line of products. The advanced dressing incorporates a patented releasable wound contact layer, which allows health care providers to visualize the wound surface before removal and to easily remove the absorbent outer dressing without disrupting the fragile healing process.


BreakAway is indicated for use on burns, skin grafts, skin ulcers, pressure ulcers, and donor sites. The open-ended design reduces dressing shearing force and minimizes friction, promoting patient comfort, faster dressing changes, and decreased shearing trauma to the wound.


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Helix BioMedix, Bothell, WA, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Smith & Nephew, Largo, FL, which gives Smith & Nephew a right of first offer to license certain rights to a number of wound-related indications for HB50, a Helix BioMedix proprietary peptide. Smith & Nephew, in turn, agrees to provide input on the preclinical and clinical development of HB50 as a topical anti-infective for use in wound care.


HB50 is Helix BioMedix's primary topical anti-infective peptide, which offers broad-spectrum activity, lack of resistance induction, cost-effective synthesis, and stability and activity against pathogens resistant to multiple antibiotics. HB50 is believed to have strong potential for the prevention of wound infections because of its potent activity against multiply-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. In addition, with activity against other Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the peptide also has application in the areas of burn wounds and dermatology.


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Zassi Medical Evolutions, Inc, Fernandina Beach, FL, has been awarded a sole-source group-purchasing contract with Premier Purchasing Partners, LP, San Diego, CA. The agreement, which took effect February 1, offers the Zassi Bowel Management System (BMS) to premier members.


The Zassi BMS is a stool collection/diversion system designed for the comfort and protection of patients by helping to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections that may occur because of contact with potentially harmful and infectious pathogens contained in stool.


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