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NURSES INTERESTED in continuing their education or funding a research project can visit these sites to apply for the money needed to achieve their goals. The following resources and organizations offer information on available scholarships and grants and how to apply for them. Only a couple of the many nursing organizations that offer scholarships were highlighted for this column as examples, so nurses should investigate potential funding opportunities through their own organizations as well.


American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Scholarship Program


AANP members who are enrolled in an accredited graduate school in pursuit of an advanced degree can apply for a scholarship through this program. Awardees may receive between $2,500 and $5,000 in funding.


Tap this resource for comprehensive information on federal, state-funded, professional, and minority grants currently available for nursing students.


Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association, Inc.


This foundation offers over $250,000 annually in its General Scholarship Program and the Promise of Nursing Scholarship Program. These scholarships are worth up to $7,500 per academic year.


US Health Resources & Services Administration


This federal agency site provides information on programs that help clinicians working in underserved areas repay a portion of their student loan debt. These include National Health Service Corps loan repayment programs and the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program.