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Asian American, Intervention, Midlife, Online, Physical activity, Women



  1. Chee, Wonshik PhD
  2. Kim, Sangmi PhD, MPH
  3. Tsai, Hsiu-Min PhD
  4. Liu, Jianghong PhD, FAAN
  5. Im, Eun-Ok PhD, MPH, FAAN


Despite an increasing number of online programs to promote physical activity, they have rarely been evaluated for their effects on cardiovascular symptoms of racial/ethnic minority women at midlife. This study aimed to determine the preliminary efficacy of a newly developed online program for physical activity promotion on cardiovascular symptoms of Asian American midlife women. This study was a pilot repeated-measures randomized controlled trial (pretest/posttest) among 26 Asian American midlife women. The variables were measured using multiple instruments on background features, physical activity, and cardiovascular symptoms at three points of time (baseline, after 1 month, and after 3 months). Linear mixed models were used to analyze the data. The prevalence and severity of cardiovascular symptoms did not show a statistically significant group-time interaction. However, the increase in lifestyle physical activity over time was significant only among the intervention group ([DELTA] = 0.49, P = .016). The results supported the program's preliminary efficacy on lifestyle physical activity for Asian American women at midlife, but not on cardiovascular symptoms.