1. Wynne, Olivia nursing student

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I want to emphasize the significance of the January Viewpoint, "Because Black Lives Did Not Matter." The author, Virginia W. Adams, described how she used her personal experiences as a Black woman in the United States to respond to a colleague who questioned her use of the term "Black Lives Matter." I commend her for revealing her experiences with racism and having the patience to explain the difference between an "All Lives Matter" and a "Black Lives Matter" perspective.


We are taught to be patient advocates, but listening to and respecting our colleagues is just as important. Some things cannot just be chalked up to a difference in opinion. We need to listen, not to reply or defend ourselves, but to understand and empathize.


Conversations regarding race are often avoided in the workplace. Many people working in health care could benefit from a different perspective-it could vastly improve their work environments and patient care and have a domino effect whereby more people feel comfortable speaking up and speaking out on racial issues.


Olivia Wynne, nursing student


Ridgewood, NY