1. Fife, Patricia MPA, RN

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"Beyond Screening: Health Systems Invest in Social Determinants of Health" (Eye on the Future of Nursing, February) so correctly pointed out how greatly socioeconomic and environmental conditions influence health. As promoters of health, it is imperative that nurses assess and take into consideration these conditions when providing care. Certainly, in order for nurses to do this properly, they need adequate resources and time. However, I found it disturbing that, according to the February In the News article "RN Salaries Hold Steady; LPNs Gain," 18% of RNs retired early, 3% were laid off or fired, and 2% were furloughed since the COVID-19 pandemic. If we are going to address the social determinants of health effectively, more RNs must be hired.


Patricia Fife, MPA, RN


Merrick, NY