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  1. Demir, Bilsev PhD
  2. Kap[iota]k[iota]ran, Gurkan PhD
  3. Ozkan, Meral PhD


This randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted to determine the effect of music therapy on fatigue, comfort and vital signs of the liver transplant patients. The study sample comprised 120 adult patients (60 in the experimental and 60 in the control group) who met the inclusion criteria and agreed to participate in the study. In the experimental group, the researcher performed music therapy. After applying music therapy once to patients for 30 minutes, their fatigue, comfort, and vital signs were evaluated. No treatment was performed in the control group. According to music therapy follow-ups after liver transplantation, mean scores of fatigue levels were lower, comfort levels were higher, and vital signs were normal, with a statistical significance in the experimental group compared with the control group in all measurements before and after music therapy (P < .001). The study should be repeated using different parameters.