1. Woda, Aimee PhD, RN-BC
  2. Ford, Cailin BSN, RN-BC
  3. Meise, Kelsey DNP, FNP-BC
  4. Singh, Maharaj PhD
  5. Hook, Mary PhD, RN-BC


Short peripheral catheters (SPCs) are commonly used in hospitals, guided by evidence-based standards to optimize dwell time and limit adverse outcomes. Although SPC insertions are common, real-world evaluation is rare. A theory-based framework and mixed-methods design were used to analyze findings from a unit-level survey and electronic data to evaluate SPC care delivered on units at a large quaternary medical center over a 6-month period (quarters 1 and 2, 2017). Dissemination without adoption and maintenance may limit effectiveness. The convergent results confirmed the feasibility of extracting electronic data to be used by leaders to clinically evaluate staff knowledge and use behaviors to take action to improve outcomes.