1. Marchi, Nadine DNP, RN
  2. Wavelet, Jackie MSN, RN
  3. Davis, Sandra PhD, ACNP-BC
  4. Condict, Morgan MSN, RN

Article Content

As educators, our responsibility is to equip new graduate nurses with the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to combat lateral violence. Using the Clifton Strengths Finder (CSF)1 tool, the Strengths Self-Efficacy Scale2 (SSES), and cognitive rehearsal, the goal was to prepare students to address lateral violence and improve patient safety. After the students completed the CSF tool and SSES, they participated in several CSF activities integrated during the course of the semester. A scavenger hunt of classmates' strengths involved quick student interviews of 10 classmates to identify the variety of strengths in the class. Students in small groups explored how individual strengths can also be vulnerabilities and discussed how to build on personal strengths. Using role play, students developed lateral violence scenarios based on past experiences and then revisited them using a "What to Say" cue card. The scenarios were presented to the whole class and then debriefed. Students found the exercise useful, and comments highlighted the benefits of practicing scenarios with the cue card. They felt better prepared to directly address incivility and lateral violence in the future.




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