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clinical evaluation, instrument development, nurse practitioner, QSEN, quality and safety



  1. Altmiller, Gerry EdD, APRN, ACNS-BC, ANEF, FAAN
  2. Dugan, Mary Ann DNP, APRN, FNP-BC


Background: Clinical performance evaluation is a high-stakes assessment that requires a valid and reliable instrument. There appear to be no identified clinical evaluation instruments developed for nurse practitioner (NP) students that have undergone content validation.


Purpose: This study describes the process to develop, validate, and pilot a clinical evaluation instrument for NP students framed in the Quality and Safety Education of Nurses Competencies for advanced practice.


Methods: Six expert nurse educators were recruited for the purpose of rating items for relevance for inclusion in the Quality and Safety Framed Clinical Evaluation Instrument for NP Students using the content validity index. The instrument was pilot tested in a primary care clinical course.


Results: Two rounds of review yielded a 34-item content validated instrument.


Conclusions: Evidence suggests that the Quality and Safety Framed Clinical Evaluation for NP Students is a valid and reliable instrument to evaluate the clinical performance of NP students.