1. Emmanuel, Elizabeth PhD, RN, RM

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For many beginning nursing students, fear of failure and constructive criticism are uppermost in their minds. Many are afraid of making mistakes or showing weaknesses. I incorporate strategies of getting them in the right mindset as they start their journey. First, I commence with the "learning pit" concept applied to learners moving out of their comfort zone. An image is shown illustrating the struggle a learner goes through. Second, I introduce the notion of mindset, which is what shapes our thoughts, beliefs, and habits, and influences how we think, feel, and do. I use images of the brain to illustrate how mindset works. Fixed mindset is shown as dull with no color or activity and depicts swift, effortless measures, and bent on proving rather than improving performance. Alternatively, growth mindset has color and activity depicting taking opportunities, acceptance of constructive criticism, and willingness to learn from failure. After this, students are encouraged to consider how they respond during their struggle. Third, students are invited to alter their mindset to one that provides flexibility, capacity to adapt to different circumstances, and to use affirmations that will assist in growth and success. A shared whiteboard via the Learning Management System is provided for students to write their contributions. One wrote: "Each day, I learn and grow." Students read each other's affirmations and select positive examples of determination, optimism, and boldness to deal with challenges. Affirmations are shared again at the end of a class session so that these become a narrative about themselves.