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eHealth, Home care nursing, Implementation, Usability



  1. Rydenfalt, Christofer PhD
  2. Persson, Johanna PhD
  3. Erlingsdottir, Gudbjorg PhD
  4. Johansson, Gerd PhD


Sweden and other developed countries are putting deliberate efforts into eHealth and digitalization of home care nursing. eHealth services have big potential in this area because they can provide mobile access to healthcare information. This study explores the eHealth services that home care nursing providers in Sweden currently use, plan to use, and have discarded. It also investigates their eHealth visions for the future. We sent a survey to the 264 Swedish municipalities responsible for home care nursing and received 144 responses (55%). The results show a large diversity of eHealth services in use. A few can be considered core services since they are broadly implemented or will be in the near future. Trials are also being carried out with more specialized services. The respondents envision more automation and remote monitoring services, while technical and usability issues are the main obstacles to implementation today. Much knowledge can be gained from proper evaluation of the ongoing work. More research is needed regarding (1) what eHealth can offer home care nursing, (2) the effects of using eHealth in home care nursing, and (3) if and how home care nursing organizations need to adapt to best make use of eHealth.