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Multimedia-based information, Nursing care, Patient information, Patient satisfaction, Preoperative anxiety, Video information



  1. Soydas Yesilyurt, Duygu BSN, MSc
  2. Yildiz Findik, Ummu PhD, BSN, MSc


Video images are used as materials to provide information. This quasi-experimental research was intended to determine the effect of preoperative video information on the anxiety and satisfaction levels of patients undergoing abdominal surgery. The research was conducted from January 2015 to April 2016; 70 patients participated (35 in the experimental and 35 in the control group) who underwent planned open abdominal surgery. Data were collected by having the patients complete a patient identification form and the Anxiety Specific to Surgery Questionnaire, as well as by means of the Satisfaction With Nursing Care Scale via face-to-face interviews. After the patients in the experimental group viewed the video information, the Anxiety Specific to Surgery Questionnaire mean scores of the experimental group were lower than before the information (P < .001) and scores for the control group (P < .001). Satisfaction With Nursing Care Scale mean scores were also higher than those of the control group (P < .001). In order to decrease the anxiety levels of surgical patients and increase their satisfaction levels, we suggest that they should be informed via video images.