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Clinical decision support, Clinician satisfaction, Digital guidelines, Electronic health record, Infectious disease



  1. Hoelscher, Stephanie H. DNP, RN-BC, CPHIMS, CHISP, FHIMSS
  2. McBride, Susan PhD, RN-BC, CPHIMS, FAAN


The purpose of this project was to implement an improved rapid-deployment clinical decision support strategy for the detection and treatment of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases within an electronic health record informed by end-user satisfaction. After a review of the evidence and comprehensive workflow assessments, interdisciplinary focus groups were assembled to determine current infectious disease needs within the electronic health record and what guidance should be provided to clinicians to assist in making the best decisions for both patient care and population health. Education and reeducation issues were handled throughout the implementation process. Using the Plan-Do-Study-Act quality improvement framework for rapid cycle deployment, the design was implemented and monitored. To evaluate efficacy and clinician satisfaction of the implementation, presurvey and postsurvey measurements were employed. The Clinical Information System Implementation Evaluation Scale was used, along with demographic and qualitative textual questions, to evaluate clinician satisfaction. Findings indicate the implementation was successful (P < .05).