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Adoption, Electronic health record, Implementation, Integrated technology implementation model, Technology



  1. Schoville, Rhonda PhD, MSBA, RN
  2. Titler, Marita G. PhD, RN, FAAN


The Integrated Technology Implementation Model introduced in 2015 highlighted elements that affect the process of integrating technology into healthcare practice and guide the selection of interventions leading the user to adopt. The Integrated Technology Implementation Model provides a conceptual guide for nursing leadership, vendors, and engineers to focus their work on technology adoption. The purpose of this exploratory qualitative study was to examine organizational and individual implementation themes and whether these themes were represented in the Integrated Technology Implementation Model. The study used focus groups and one-on-one interviews. The unit of analysis was the informants focusing on experiences of electronic health record technology implementation, leading to the adoption of a certified, Web-hosted electronic health record enterprise system. The study setting was three Michigan nonprofit long-term care facilities. The population consisted of nursing directors, nurses (RNs and LPNs), and certified nurse aides. The recruitment target was 30 participants, which was attained in the study. The ground theory method approach was used to analyze the data. From the data analysis, it was determined that workflow was not a comprehensive enough concept. The model was enhanced by adding the new work process concept, which is described as the sequence of activities and use of technology to achieve quality care for patients.